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We are excited to announce the news of our innovative partnerships with prestigious colleges throughout the world. By enhancing the academic experience for our researchers, teachers, and students, these collaborations mark a major advancement in the field of international education. Through these relationships, we are able to provide staff and students with unmatched possibilities for cross-cultural study and research. We set out on an engrossing journey together to promote a knowledge-driven, inclusive global education environment. Our goal is to significantly advance society and have a long-lasting effect on higher education through our joint efforts. Our mission is to develop future leaders who can successfully navigate the challenges of our interconnected world by embracing diversity and encouraging cooperation.

Paris American International University (PAIU):

British University College (BUC) is thrilled to announce a strategic collaboration with Paris American International University (PAIU). This partnership underscores BUC’s commitment to global and enriched education, bringing together two institutions dedicated to academic excellence, innovation, and international awareness. The collaboration offers cutting-edge blended learning programs, ensuring flexibility for diverse learning styles and adhering to international education standards. BUC, known for its guaranteed placement initiatives and industry connections, provides a comprehensive range of industry-aligned courses. The partnership aims to enrich the educational landscape, fostering global engagement and delivering an exceptional educational experience for students at both institutions.

Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) - UK

We are proud to collaborate with Anglia Ruskin University (ARU), Cambridge, UK. This partnership offers BUC students an exceptional opportunity to pursue a Bachelor’s top-up program during their final year at ARU. This globally recognized degree from an internationally acclaimed university enhances their academic credentials and career prospects. The exchange program provides a unique experience to thrive in ARU’s esteemed academic environment renowned for excellence in education and research.

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We proudly partner with the esteemed awarding body, QUALIFI, to offer a wide array of Diploma and Higher Diploma programs designed to cater to your diverse interests and career aspirations. Our diverse range of programs includes Diploma and Higher Diploma in the fields of Accounting and Finance, Business Management, Hospitality Tourism and Management, Education, Information Technology, Cyber Security, and Law. Each program is thoughtfully curated to provide you with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills relevant to your chosen industry. Whether you are looking to kickstart your career or enhance your existing skills, our partnership with QUALIFI ensures that you receive internationally recognized qualifications that open doors to exciting opportunities in the global job market.

American High School (K-12)

British University College is pleased to announce its partnership with American High School, an accredited K-12 American online school. American High School proudly holds accreditation from Cognia, USA, which is widely recognized as the world’s most reputed school accreditor. Cognia is a consortium of three US Regional Accreditors – NCA CASI, SACS CASI, and NWAC – ensuring that the school meets the highest standards of educational excellence.