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    British University College

    British University College in Ajman is dedicated to providing high-quality education across a range of programs. Join a community committed to academic excellence and innovation.

    Our Programs


    Cyber Security

    Protect the digital future with cutting-edge knowledge in cybersecurity.

    Hospitality and Tourism

    Excel in the global hospitality and tourism industry with our specialized courses.

    Information Technology

    Drive innovation with advanced IT skills and knowledge.

    Business Administration

    Lead and manage with confidence through our business management program.

    Accounting and Finance

    Master the principles of accounting and finance for a successful career.

    Our Programs


    Data Science (MSc)

    Dive into the world of big data and analytics with our Data Science Master’s program.

    Information Technology (MSc)

    Advance your IT career with cutting-edge knowledge and skills.

    Cyber Security (MSc)

    Become an expert in protecting digital information and infrastructure.

    Business Management (MBA)

    Develop leadership and management skills to excel in the business world.

    Our Programs



    Contribute to the field of education with groundbreaking research and insights.


    Explore advanced legal theories and practices in our comprehensive PhD program.

    International Relationships

    Study global dynamics and international affairs at the highest academic level.


    Engage in in-depth historical research and analysis with our History PhD program.


    Conduct advanced economic research to influence policy and business decisions.

    Sales and Marketing

    Drive innovation in sales and marketing through research and strategic thinking.

    TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

    Focus on advanced methodologies and practices in teaching English globally.

    Demographic and Social Sciences

    Analyze population trends and social structures to address societal challenges.

    Data and Cybersecurity

    Lead the way in data protection and cybersecurity with advanced research and practice.

    Doctorate in Business Administration

    Advance your business expertise and research skills with our DBA program.

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