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Students Exchange

2+1 Program3+2 Program3+1 Program
A “2+1” study abroad program involves two years of study at BUC either online or on campus followed by one year of study at a foreign university. This program offers cultural exposure, academic diversity, global networking, and personal growth. Students should consider credit transfer, finances, visas, and language proficiency when planning for this program.Complete the first three years of your bachelor’s degree at BUC and finish the last two years in top abroad countries in the world to graduate with both bachelor’s and master’s degree.

With BUC’s innovative “3+2” program, you will be able to develop your academic know-how and discover your passions, which will elevate your technical knowledge and enhance your employability.
Complete the first three years of your bachelor’s degree at BUC and finish your fourth and final year abroad.

BUC’s “3+1” programs will enable you to learn, grow, and be open to a great career anywhere you choose in the world. 
BUC aspires to provide its students with modern and international experiences that positively impact their personal and professional lives. Our partner universities for the above-mentioned programs are located in the top 8 cherish countries which are Canada, the UK, Australia, the USA, France, UAE, Turkey and Georgia STudent Exchange : Participating in a student exchange program as a part of your degree will enrich your gloable experience. Stuyding aborad will: – Enhance your Cultural exposure- Enhance your academic skills – Improve your language proficiency – Help you in Personal growth and adaptability – ExpandGlobal networking. – Expand your job opportunities

Studying abroad with British University College Ajman offers an exciting opportunity to grow personally and professionally while making lifelong friendships and gaining cultural sensitivity and global awareness. International students from partner universities are also welcome to study at British University College Ajman, further adding to the cultural diversity on campus, where students from over 60 nationalities are currently studying.

Students who meet the following requirements are eligible to apply for the programme:

A GPA of 3.0.
Completed at least two semesters of a Business degree in the host campus.
Fluent in both written and verbal English.
If you are looking to travel abroad while studying and explore exciting international locations, then apply to the Student Exchange Programme at British University College Ajman .

Write to to nominate yourself to be an exchange student, letting us know your name, contact information, email, degree you are studying and why you would like to study abroad.

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