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Student Placement Center

we are dedicated to fostering both academic excellence and practical skills for our students. Our center serves as the gateway to industry-integrated learning, establishing robust connections with a diverse array of industries to provide students with enriching opportunities for internships, placements, and projects. Committed to your success, our placement advisors offer personalized guidance, helping you craft compelling resumes, sharpen interview skills, and navigate the complex landscape of career development. Explore a world of transformative internships, from local to international placements, designed to enhance your academic knowledge with real-world experience. Engage in skill development through our workshops, focusing on essential attributes like communication and teamwork. Connect with our accomplished alumni network for mentorship and networking, gaining insights into industry trends. 

Your journey starts with a seamless process – explore opportunities, receive application support, and succeed in securing a placement that aligns with your aspirations. Read inspiring success stories of previous students who have excelled in their placements and celebrate your own achievements as you embark on your professional adventure.

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