As the best brand ambassadors of their alma mater, our alumni are the pride of British University College Ajman.  

The British University College Ajman Alumni Association has more than 3,500 members. We at British focus on creating programmes and relationships that support the growth of our alumni, increasing their opportunities within the community and workforce.  

  • Gain access to facilities on campus at discounted rates or free of charge. 
  • Share your success stories, experiences and connections with British University College Ajman Alumni and students.  
  • Let us connect you to relevant departments and industry partners. 
  • Assist British with award-winning opportunities.  
  • Be heard, share your feedback or recommendations. 
  • Get involved in programmes andevents. 
  • Stay connected to friends and your university.   

When you graduate from British University College Ajman, you are eligible to become a member of the British Alumni Association.  

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