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Youth Clubs

Our active campus life has consistently been a draw for students. We believe being an active club member will enhance students’ communication, leadership, networking, and more. From performing arts, sports, technology, culture or community engagement, we have something for every student at British University College Ajman.

Below is a list of our clubs: 

British Cricket Club

Step into the spirited realm of our college cricket club, a bastion where the thrill of cricket meets the camaraderie of academic life. Nestled within the academic tapestry, our cricket club stands as a dynamic hub, echoing with the sound of leather against willow and the collective cheers of passionate players. Here, the cricket pitch becomes a stage for skill development, teamwork, and friendly competition.

British Football Club

Step onto the vibrant grounds of our college football club, where the echoes of cheers and the pulse of excitement define the very essence of our spirited community. More than a mere extracurricular activity, our football club is a dynamic arena where the passion for the beautiful game intertwines with the academic pursuits of college life.

Dance Club

Step into the rhythm-infused world of our college’s Dance Club, a dynamic space where the art of movement meets the rich cultural tapestry of the United Kingdom. Our dance club is more than just a recreational activity; it’s a vibrant community where students unite through the universal language of dance.

Social Activities Club

Step into the heart of our college’s Social Activity Club, a lively and engaging community where students come together to celebrate the rich cultural traditions and modern social dynamics of the United Kingdom. More than just an extracurricular pursuit, our club serves as a vibrant hub where members explore a diverse range of British social activities, from traditional gatherings to contemporary events that reflect the evolving cultural landscape.