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We are here to help you succeed and pursue opportunities that interest you.  Whether you want to connect with other students, navigate your academic journey, join a club, or balance your studies with your social life, British University College Ajman is here to support you every step of the way. At British University , our commitment goes beyond traditional academia; we are dedicated to empowering our students on every facet of their educational journey. As an institution, our primary objective is to assist you not only in achieving academic success but also in pursuing opportunities aligned with your individual interests. Whether you seek connections with fellow students, guidance in navigating the academic landscape, involvement in various clubs, or the delicate balance between academic studies and social life, rest assured that British University College Ajman is your steadfast support system. Our mission is to foster an environment where you can explore, engage, and excel, ensuring that each step of your educational path is met with the necessary resources and encouragement. We are here to help you thrive not just academically but holistically, guiding you towards a well-rounded and fulfilling university experience.

Transportation fee per  month given below:

Location 1Month (AED) 1Month (DOLLARS)


AED 400.00



AED 300.00



AED 250.00


Abu Dhabi & Al Ain

AED 500.00


Umm Al Quwain & Ras Al Khaimah

AED 700.00


Bus route availability is subject to the number of students.

For more information, contact (+971)65238999.

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