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British University College Secures Exciting Industry Partnerships to Elevate Student Success




Exciting Partnership Announcement:

We are delighted to share the news that British University College has recently formalized strategic Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with two industry-leading organizations: Cubezix IT Infrastructure and Cubezix Technologies. These collaborations are specifically designed to enhance the experiential learning opportunities for our Bachelor’s students in Cyber Security and Information Technology.

Key Highlights:

Internship Opportunities:

Both Cubezix IT Infrastructure and Cubezix Technologies are extending internship opportunities to our students, allowing them to gain hands-on experience in real-world settings.
The internships will have a duration of 3 months, providing a comprehensive understanding of the industry’s dynamics.
Performance-Based Job Confirmation:

Students participating in these internships will have the opportunity to showcase their skills and dedication.
Job confirmations will be based on the outstanding performance of the interns during their 3-month tenure.
Experience Certificate:

Upon successful completion of the internship program, participating students will be awarded experience certificates, adding significant value to their professional portfolios.
This collaboration aims to bridge the gap between academic learning and practical application, preparing our students for successful careers in the dynamic fields of Cyber Security and Information Technology.

Join us in celebrating this milestone, as we continue to provide valuable opportunities for our students to thrive in their academic and professional journeys.

Exciting Collaborations for Enhanced Student Opportunities:

British University College (BUC) is proud to announce recent partnerships through the signing of Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with two distinguished establishments: Flamingo Beach Resort and Ramada by Wyndham.

Collaboration with Flamingo Beach Resort:
Under this partnership, BUC students participating in internships with Flamingo Beach Resort will enjoy a host of benefits:

Valuable Experience Certificates: Interns will receive recognized experience certificates, acknowledging their contribution and learning during the internship.
Complimentary Accommodation and Food: To facilitate a seamless learning experience, interns will be provided with complimentary accommodation and meals throughout the duration of their internship.
Career Opportunities: Successful completion of the internship and exceptional performance may open doors for candidates to be considered for employment within the esteemed Flamingo Beach Resort.
Collaboration with Ramada by Wyndham:

Internship opportunities with Ramada by Wyndham bring additional advantages to BUC students:

Monthly Stipend: Ramada by Wyndham is offering a monthly stipend of AED 750 to interns, providing financial support during their internship period.
Complimentary Food and Accommodation: Interns at Ramada by Wyndham will also benefit from complimentary food and accommodation to enhance their overall experience.
Performance-Based Job Confirmation: Similar to the Flamingo Beach Resort collaboration, job confirmation at Ramada by Wyndham is contingent on the interns’ outstanding performance during the internship period.
These collaborations underscore BUC’s commitment to providing enriching opportunities that seamlessly integrate academic learning with real-world experiences, preparing our students for successful and rewarding careers in their respective fields. Join us in celebrating these valuable partnerships that contribute to the holistic development of our students.

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